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This is a customized book. Which means under the "Make My Child's Book" tab...

1) You choose between the main character being a girl or a boy. (A gender neutral character is already in the works.)

2) You personally write the forword of the book dedicated to the child you are creating it for.

3) You upload the picture of your choosing that goes right into the last page of the book with the words "Always remember..." above the picture and "It's great to be YOU" below the picture


Add a picture follow these simple steps:

1) From your own computer, tablet, or phone select the picture that you want to go into the book. (Choose a picture with quality)

2) Click on "Make My Child's Book" tab and upload under the proper tab.

3) Complete all of the information tabs and click "submit"

This is the chance for you to write a heartfelt message of inspiration to the child you are making the book for. You can make it up to 1000 characters long " Sample: Dear Brian, You are the light of our life. We're so proud of you and wish you happiness everyday! We hope this book always reminds you to be your best and never stop being your amazing self. There's no one in the whole world like you and we love watching you grow into an amazing young man. Love, Mom & Dad

"It's Great To Be You!" is currently available in two formats, one with the main character Johnnie and one with the main character Jenny. " We are actively creating a gender neutral main character and more culturally diverse characters so that the child reading it can relate as much possible.


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